OUr MIssion:  Shine a LIght

Patrick’s Everyday Warriors strives to bring awareness to effects of pediatric cancer on the families and specifically the siblings.  We provide emotional support for siblings and help siblings better communicate with their parents, the medical staff and even in their own thoughts.  We acknowledge the siblings as warriors through special events, family outings, and warrior chests.  And, when the journey is “over” we help the siblings (and families) be okay with “What’s Next” whether or not the families goes home with their sick child through support groups, grief recovery, and events to connect families and siblings.

OUr Vision

Loving on families through the eyes of warriors. Patrick’s Everyday Warriors desires to be the brightest light in the darkest place. We will be a light of hope and love during a dark time (fighting childhood cancer). We will educate families on how to better communicate with their nurses, doctors, and most importantly each other. 

We will acknowledge the warrior status of siblings. And, give parents opportunities to feel acknowledged as well, as moms, dads, couples, men, and women.

Our Board

It is important to surround yourself with people you trust. Yes, people you trust enough to see your vision. People you trust to be there when you need them. Trust enough to tell you when your vision may be blurry. Trust enough to love the families you are called to served. And, that is exactly what Patrick's Everyday Warriors Board has created. A circle of love. A circle of trust. A circle of heart. A circle of service.

Erin Forte-Froehling

A true mommy heart.  A Warrior Mom who has allowed God to guide a 115 day journey and each day since. She is an example of what you can do when you turn a "no" into a "yes."  Erin uses her heart as well as her background in marketing and experience of serving on several non-profit boards across the county to lead the Patrick's Everyday Warrior team.  She has been in non-profits and ministry for almost 20 years.  Erin serves as President of Patrick's Everyday Warriors.

Keith Froehling

Keith is a warrior dad.  Keith is the owner of 3 international companies and has severed on many chamber of commerce boards throughout the United States.  He is known as The Mentor to Millions!

Tina McMahel

Tina has her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education.  Tina knows the importance of caring for a child's overall health.  She currently lives in Mt. Juliet with her husband, Cliff, and their 2 sons, Zach and Christian.  She served on the board for Heritage Christian Academy.  She helps Patrick's Everyday Warriors with event planning and fundraising.

Lillian Lynch

Very much a part of Patrick's journey, Lilli was honored to be a part of Founding Board.  His journey grew Lill's heart and she was grateful to see miracles happen everyday!  Lilli is a part of our family!  She brings with her an experience of working with a local Nashville area non-profit who works with special needs children.  Living in Murfreesboro with her husband, Mike, and their spotted baby, Duncan, Lilli is a one of a kind asset to PEW.  She focuses on event planning and Warrior Siblings relations!