How do Warrior say "thank You"? 

​Are you living gratitude every day? You would be surprised by how grateful Pediatric Cancer Siblings are! Let's give them something to show how we appreciate their warriorness.

40 Days of Warriorness

How can you be An Everyday Warrior, right now?

We are sparkling gold all over the place! Contact us today to see how you can leave your sparkle!  40 Days of Warriorness begins June 5 with a Celebrity Scoop Night at Maggie Moo's on Anderson Lane in Hendersonville, TN.  Can't make it.  Simply make a donation directly to Patrick's Everyday Warriors!

June 5 ... Birthday Celebration at Maggie Moo's in Hendersonville, TN. 4 - 8 pm

June 6, 15, 22 ... Share Patrick's Everyday Warriors on Social Media

June 10 ... Dominion Financial Warrior 5k ... Roanoke, Virginia

Warrior Cut-a-thon at BeachWaves Salon in Hendersonville, TN

June 7, 16, 23 ... Smile Days

June 8, 17, 24 ... Take a Bite by Bella Days

T-Shirt Days

Warrior Walk and Cupcake Eating Contest

July 15 ... Balloon Release and Heavenly Birthday Party

Warrior EventS

Warrior EventS



Christmas Warrior Chests 

Help Us create the perfect winter wonderland for Warrior Siblings' Christmas.  Contact Us to Sponsor a sibling for only $75.  Maybe even, sponsor 2!  Or, you can go shopping and send to us and we will provide the sibling with your amazing Christmas Blessing!

Lots of Warrior Treats

Who is your favorite super hero?  If you could dress up as any hero, who would it be?  Do you have a favorite Halloween candy?  Let's create a tasty trick or treat experience for some special Warrior Siblings!  We are collecting candy and gift cards!

Sponsor a Warrior Sibling Today! 

GOing Gold: september

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  And, We are SPARKLING GOLD all over the place! EVENTS TO BE ANNOUNCED! Contact us today to see how you can leave your sparkle!

September 1:  Let's kick off GOLD with tasty treats from Take a Bite by Bella! Order cupcakes and tasty treats to sent to local Nashville families and Vandy Children's hospital!

September 2:  Wear Your Warrior Bracelet and Post Pictures!

September 4:

September 5:  Share Gold Facts! Check out our Facebook page!

September 7:

Back To School!

Help us send Warriors back to school items! We need notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, glue, colored pencils!  What did you use in school?