A Warrior Family

Who is this WARRIOR family?  On March 22, 2012, the Froehling had no idea the journey they were about to take.  It wasn't by a

choice.  It was chosen for them.  What made the difference was the attitude with which they walked. They walked on fire.

A Warrior Dad ~ Keith

Every child deserves a daddy who will drop everything to take care of them ~ to show love. More than any toy, a child wants love. A child wants time.

You've heard the saying, "Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad." Well, in some cases, we must take it a step further ... it takes an outstanding man to be a Warrior Dad!

What are your talents? Where have you been called to be a leader? A Mentor? A Friend?  When you are called to be a dad ~ you called to be all of these. Then, when you are called to be a Warrior Dad ~ people gather around to watch, to learn, to see how you react to the fire you walk through. You are teaching your children by example. Your life becomes the proof of what happens when you fight the fire with faith.

Not all parents are chosen to be warriors. Not all dads have the heart to travel this journey. God knows who can and who will. We are proof of that.

For at the end of the journey ~ when fire has refined your heart ~ and you are left without love, without inspiration, without truth, without faith ~ then the warrior must still be made.

A Warrior Dad begins in the heart and in the mind. A Warrior Dad is a canvas where God can create a masterpiece. A Warrior Dad is the ball of clay ~ modeled and refined. A Warrior Dad fights and protects. A Warrior Dad isn't afraid to love with his heart ~ all of it. A Warrior Dad praises through the fire. A Warrior Dad praises for the fire ~ for the opportunity to learn, to grow, to love.

Be a Warrior Dad! Your kids deserve it.

A Warrior Mom ~ Erin

A Warrior Mom: I am so thankful you have decided to join us on this journey ~ an adventure through fire ~ on fire.

There comes a point in our lives when we are distinguished and known by our children. I am proud to be known by as Patrick’s mom, Isabella’s mom, Nathaniel’s mom, and Aiden’s mom. Yes, I am proud to be a known as a Warrior’s mom.

I am blessed that each of my children are seeking the purpose God has for them ~ allowing God to use them. Patiently they prayed for the 115 days that I sat in the hospital with Patrick.

Instead of asking “Why,” I asked “What” and “Who.” What can I do? What would you have me do? Who can I share this journey with? Who can I impact?

More than a mother ~ I am child of God. God has blessed me with the gift of writing. And, for that I grateful so I willingly let Him pour the words into my heart and through my fingers. Each time I write, I feel God at work whether in me or knowing it is designed for a special person ~ one of His children.  M
any have compared me to the Proverbs 31 woman. But simply, I feel the need to be obedient to God’s plan. For in this life, we are clay. Clay to molded into a masterpiece by our creator.

Can you imagine the inspiration Mary gained from being the mother to Jesus?  During this journey of motherhood, I credit much of your learning from my children.

Isabella ~ Grace
Nathaniel ~ Trust
Aiden ~ Love of Life
Patrick ~ Warrior Strength

Lily Sloane ~ Pure Warrior

With a no-hold back attitude, I fully believe it is possible to walk through a fire on fire (for God). Walking through a fire is a beautiful experience because a miracle waits on the other side.

Warrior Siblings or Shadow Survivors ... Whatever you call them, they are special, fabulous kids who need love and attention! When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it does affect the entire family.

Siblings are scared, uncertain, in state of chaos. "When will I see my brother/sister again?"

Is mom and dad coming home? What is happening? Why can't I be there? Will I get sick too?

All these questions running through an innocent child's mind. So, Patrick's Everyday Warriors was created to help siblings just like Patrick's Siblings ~ Isabella, Nathaniel, and Aiden! So sweet. Each one precious. Each one with a gift to share. The sibling bond may not be here on this earth ... but is a bond that cannot be broken.

A Warrior Sister ~ Isabella Grace ~ Beautiful Grace ~ the perfect name for this Warrior Sister. God gave her the gifts of grace, patience, love, and beauty.

Isabella is a true artist, tender heart included. She embraces her creativity by sharing her feelings with pictures. She loves sketching with pencils. Taking a lesson from her creator, Isabella loves using her hands ~ molding clay.

If you were to ask her a few words that describe her, she would answer, "loving, caring, creative, trust, enjoys helping others, and faith. Meeting her, you would instantly know those words to be true. And, we know there is a reason why her name is Isabella Grace. God knew her before she was born. God knew that something as simple as a name would be powerful. Just as Patrick Eli's name is powerful, we, as a family, find comfort in knowing God named us.
God has purpose in us.

During the intense journey as a Warrior Sister, Isabella learned how hard it was to on the roller coaster ride. This is something that no sibling should have to face ~ atleast not alone. She found it difficult for her heart to go back and forth ~ from the hospital to a family member's home. She definitely found peace when we could keep the kids closer to home ~ making it easier for us as parents to spend more time with them. She will always be a Warrior Sister.

Her story ~ is one that inspires. We want to help all Warrior Siblings find their place in the journey without feeling left out. No child should ever feel left out. In many times, we saw her fight for Patrick more, we saw her love for Patrick grow, we saw her heart hurt and the tears fall.Isabella's life was greatly impacted by Patrick's journey. She found ways to love on strangers, be creative to express her feelings. Our Beautiful Grace was a role model for her 2 younger brothers who sought love and strength from her.

She will always be a Warrior Sister. Greatly misses her little brother ~ she has faith she will one day worship with him on the street of gold.

A Warrior Big Brother ~ Nathaniel ~ A lover at heart. This boy can look at you with his big brown eyes and has grabbed your full attention.

He is truly a loving brother. You know what family means to him within moments of meeting him. Nathaniel understand the importance of loving people ~ treating others as you want to be treated. Not many 11-year-olds understand this philosophy.

One of our favorite characteristic about Nathaniel is he is our music during car rides. Yes, any worship song that comes on the radio ~ he immediately begins to sing. He loves to worship God! He is a special grace that in only God given.

We also love his loyalty to his family. As an avid NASCAR fan ~ he learned at a very early age how to be a loyal fan. He loves Jeff Gordon. He is a fabulous role model for Nathaniel. Jeff drives the Pepsi car. Nathaniel will not drink Coca-Cola! And, in the grand scheme of NASCAR, Jeff own's part of Jimmy Johnson's car. Jimmy drives the Lowe's car. When Nathaniel was younger, he would tell us we weren't allowed to shop at Home Depot because Jimmy drives Lowe's.

Yes ~ a young understanding of loyalty. One that would be tested and built again.

During our journey with Patrick, Nathaniel got to see first hand that we don’t always know what God has planned for our lives or for our children. Sometimes we have to walk through a fire. He did see how to walk through the fire on fire.

He helped us share the word of God. Our Nathaniel, or "NaaNaa" as Aiden and Patrick called him, loves other people with all of his heart. He looks forward to sharing God’s word and eventually being able to give people Bibles.

Nathaniel misses his playmate ~ his little brother who would sit on the kitchen floor and play cars, his little brother who would sit in his lap as they would slide down the stairs.

Our Naa-Naa has blessed us with his heart, his eyes (unique way of looking at things), and his praising!

A Warrior Little Big Brother ~ Aiden ~ An energetic, bundle of questions, a true explorer, but who is always willing to share a hug.

Cheese and grapes.  At only 4-years-old, when asked about what he learned from Patrick’s Journey, he says, “Cheese and grapes.”

But, what we love to see is how amazing this spirited little boy’s brain is. The things he remembers. And, so often, out of the blue, he will say, “Remember when we did …”

And, Aiden will fill in the blank.

With his spirit, there is still a gentleness in him. And, you know he misses his little brother. If you ask Aiden, “Where is Patrick?” He responds by pointing to the sky and saying, “with God and Jesus in Heaven.”

Aiden's energy is spectacular! One of his favorite things to remember is, “Mommy, remember when Patrick and I would go …” And, he begins to shake his head back and forth. Yes, that is a game they would play ~ whose head could go faster for a longer time. We don’t know if they realize they were playing a game, but it was so cute to watch.

Good times.

It is those memories that keep Patrick fresh in Aiden's mind. We don't want him to forget his brother. He will tell you to this day, "I still have 2 brothers." And, we know in his heart, deep down, even though he doesn't realize it ... he can't wait to celebrate with Patrick. We know this because for Patrick's birthday he thought Patrick would be able to come "home" for a little while. If only just to eat cake. When we told him that Patrick was in his forever home, Aiden simply responded, "Okay, mom. When I get home, we are going to have to eat lots of cake!"

New Baby Sister ~ Lily Sloane