Fun FUNDraising IDEAS: Want to help fundraise! 

Shop Amazon Smile!  

      Use this link for all of your Amazon shopping! And, Patrick's Everyday Warriors will receive a donation from your purchase!  A true Win-Win.  

Celebrity Nights at Local Restaurants

           What is your favorite restaurant or treat?  Where does your family love to eat?  Let's turn those favorite hangouts into fundraising opportunities.  Here are some Ideas of places that open their door to fundraising days/nights:  Zaxby's, Chick-fil-a, Maggie Moo's, BrickTops Pizza.  Maybe you know a restaurant owner or manager!  Put us in contact with them!  Let's fill the seats, serve lots of good food, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit families battling pediatric cancer!


              Everyone loves to have their hair done.  It just feels so good to walk with a new style! Contact a local salon and ask them to donate one day of their time.  We will help them promote!  They promote to their clients.  Offering cuts and new styles, the typical cut/style fee is donated to Patrick's Everyday Warriors!

Family Game Night

          Who doesn't love board games or have great memories of playing them as a kid? You can raise money for a great cause by grabbing your favorite board game and inviting friends and family over for a little friendly competition! You may also want to include some fun prizes as incentives.

Movie Night

          Need a night to kick up your feet, relax and have fun with some friends? Grab a new flick or even choose one from your own personal movie collection. Get out the popcorn and enjoy an evening of entertainment. You can be as creative as you want with this event by even making it themed. Some possibilites include an 80's movie night, an action packed flick line-up or if you are a brave bunch a scary movie night.

Corporate Matching

          Create a fundraiser at work such as "Breakfast at Work" or "Casual Friday" and see if your company will match what you raise!

Yard Sale

          Love a sale? Of course you do! Make some room in your house by hosting a yard sale! You may hold your own, get a few friends or even the whole community involved! Make sure you inform your customers that their money is going to a great cause! You can maximize this event with hosting a bake sale along with it!

5K, Hike, Walk

         Why not raise funds while enjoying the outdoors at the same time! You may host this event at your local track, state park or community trail . For this event you can also partner up with your local running group, community schools track teams or sports apparel shops.

​Zumba-a-thon, Dance-a-thon, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Spinning

          Partner up with your local gym or yoga studio to raise funds while getting in shape at the same time!

Flag Football Tournament

              Score a touchdown with a Flag Football Tournament.

Car Wash

          A Car Wash is always a simple and fun way to fundraise, but you want to make sure that yours stands out from the others! You can spice up your car wash by providing a snack bar for your participants. This encourages everyone to get out of their car, socialize and raise more funds. Your snack bar can include items such as candy bars, crackers, cookies, bottled water, soda or juice boxes. These items can be purchased in bulk at a low cost or you may seek to have them donated.

Online Auctions

            The new way to yard sale ... ONLINE!

Karaoke Nights!

         Karaoke is so much fun ... especially with friends.  




DOnate what you feel led to give.  Know that every dollar donated goes to support pediatric cancer siblings and pediatric cancer families (those who are taking care of the siblings and patient).  Patrick's EveryDay Warriors is completely volunteer based.  The Warriors deserve it! You Can also donate your time!  Or items for Warrior Treasure Chest, gift cards, and/or your services.  Step up as a warrior! Contact us today!